2015-2016 Tuition and Fees

  Tuition Monthly Payment (July - May)
1 Child with approved Catholic Subsidy Application $6,278 $571
2 Children with approved Catholic Subsidy Application $12,115 $1,101
3 Children with approved Catholic Subsidy Application $17,908 $1,609
4 Children with approved Catholic Subsidy Application $23,362 $2,124
Non-Subsidized - per child $9,513 $865

Total tuition includes all fees, including field trips (except 8th grade class trip and band fees, which are separate and paid by individual family).

The Before and After School Programs are not included in tuition and will be charged according to your usage.

Tuition Rebate Program

Your everyday shopping can reduce your child's tuition:

Kroger "Cares" Card

Stop by the school office today to pick up your Kroger Gift card that is linked to your student at Saint Ann School. Cards come pre-loaded with a $5 balance and cost you $5 to get one (in other words, it pays for itself immediately.) Once you have your personal gift card, stop by Customer Service when you go to Kroger to "recharge" your card by whatever dollar amount you choose to use during your visit, or for future visits. You will receive 4% of the amount that "goes through" your Kroger Gift Card back in rewards that is applied directly to your child's tuition costs each year. Cards can be used for groceries, at the pharmacy, and at the gas pump.

Shop with Scrip

Whether shopping for clothing, home improvement items, entertainment, electronics, or going out to eat, there's a Scrip card for you. Order and pay for a gift card at ShopWithScrip.com! and the school will receive a percentage of your purchases back to reduce your child's tuition. The benefit percentage varies by retailer with a few as high as 16%! Details are on the Scrip site. Order and pay for your cards online by 10pm on Sundays and your cards will be delivered to you at school by Friday afternoon. To begin participating or to ask questions, email scrip@stannnash.org.