Catholic Schools - Putting the Pieces Together

It is true that many private schools look at the success that Catholic schools have had over the past 100 years in the United States and sometimes try to emulate the best practices. Catholic schools are very successful in weaving faith, knowledge, service and values into the core curriculum.

Unique to the Catholic schools is the opportunity to nurture spiritual and moral values within the students. This is constantly reinforced not only in classes of religious instruction but throughout the curriculum and extracurricular activities. Catholic school students enjoy a broad selection of extracurricular activities and sports that help to develop community commitment, social skills and physical fitness. These learning experiences enable students to have a deeper understanding of their faith, promote tolerance, value the environment and see their role in the world as Christians.

Catholic schools are renowned for academic excellence. Students at Saint Ann School consistently score in the top percentage on national standardized tests. In Catholic School, students are encouraged to continue their education.

Students at Saint Ann School participate in community service projects. This exemplifies the importance of living the message of the Gospels by helping others and contributing to the local community, world missions and non-profit agencies across the state and nation.

Parental involvement, support from the Catholic community, our Saint Ann pastor, Fr. Breen, and commitment from dedicated teachers ensure that the pieces remain intact to provide for the continued quality education that so many desire for their children.

The Saint Ann Reading Culture

Reading, writing, and arithmetic are very important to our curriculum at Saint Ann School. Our primary emphasis has been on reading, as it plays such an integral role in all the other coursework. Our reading curriculum varies from grade level to grade level. Kindergarten, First and Second Grades use Harcourt’s Trophies language arts series encompassing reading, grammar and phonics. Third and Fourth Grades use a novel-based approach to strengthening those reading skills developed in the primary grades. They read a novel and tie their literacy skills, spelling and vocabulary words, and other lessons like math, science and social studies into their story. The Upper School uses the Invitation to Literacy and Elements of Literature series in addition to several novel units that they do. We teach reading and the accompanying language arts skills all the way through eighth grade at Saint Ann School.

To support these important lessons we use the Accelerated Reading Enterprise program for reading practice. We’ve adopted the expanded the format of AR, and this has opened up many more choices for our students. Choosing from over 110,000 books allows even reluctant readers to find books that will interest them. Our Upper School program requires students to read three books every quarter during the school year. This translates to a minimum of 15 books read and many students choose to read many more as they acquire points through the AR program. Our library classes provide a forum for book discussion and recommendations, both from the school librarian and from other students. Taking the STAR diagnostic test helps place students in the reading zone that will result in the greatest gains in their reading skills. Progress is then documented, not only through our annual standardized tests, but on a regular basis with the use of Thinklink Discovery Education Assessment that tracks progress in all areas. Saint Ann students are indeed surrounded by a climate that encourages and cultivates a love for the written word.

Hermitage Learning Center on Campus

Saint Ann invests in our students' academic success by offsetting the cost of tutoring. Any student needing extra academic help can access the professional services of Hermitage Learning Center who work with students at Saint Ann for individual or very small group sessions. Please contact Dr. Morris in the main office if you are interested.

Spanish Tutoring

Students needing extra help with their Spanish are encouraged to attend the tutoring sessions available weekly on campus.

Improve Keyboarding Skills!

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