Saint Ann School Advisory Committee

The School Advisory Committee helps facilitate the growth and improvement of school programs. Committee meetings are open to all parents and the times and dates are posted in advance via the Tuesday Folder and at the school web site. Meetings are at 5:30 PM on the second Thursday of each month throughout the school year. The membership of the School Advisory Committee consists of a core group of members-at-large and chairs from various other school committees, along with the pastor, parish council representative, faculty representative, Vice Principal and Principal.

Description of Advisory Committees

Annual Fund Committee

The Annual Fund Committee plans and executes the annual fund drive. Duties include creating all promotional materials, mailing out the Annual Fund Brochure, planning development activities and coordinating volunteers. Meetings typically occur during the evening and in the first half of the school year.

Strategic Planning Committee

It is essential that the school is always looking forward with a vision for improving the educational offerings at Saint Ann School. The Strategic Planning Committee meets in the evening, four to six times per year to weigh in on the school’s strategic plan and to evaluate the school’s progress in implementing the strategic plan. Meeting dates are established by the committee chair.

Finance Committee

Every year the St. Ann School Finance Committee creates a school budget for approval by the Parish Finance Committee. This must be done prior to 15 January of each year. The committee also explores issues such as endowments, financial aid and expense/revenue trends. The meetings occur during October through January, during the evening hours. Though these meetings are open to anyone, parents with budgeting or accounting backgrounds would best serve this committee.

Marketing Committee

GENERAL MARKETING SUBCOMMITTEE - This subcommittee is responsible for the Saint Ann “brand” and all of the materials and information used for marketing. Projects also include marketing via direct mail, to relocating families through real estate agents, at area preschools and to area employers. In addition, this committee helps to keep ties with families who contact Saint Ann for information and tours.

COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT SUBCOMMITTEE - The purpose of this subcommittee is to bridge the relationship between Saint Ann School, Saint Ann Church and the local community. Past activities have included participation in the Sylvan Park tour of homes, family movie night, keeping announcements and school information present at Saint Ann Church, distribution of school information to other area Catholic churches without schools, having a presence at local school fairs and picnics, and school participation in many community events.

ADVERTISING AND PUBLIC RELATIONS SUBCOMMITTEE - Members of this subcommittee arrange for the placement of ads and news pieces featuring the school in local publications.

PUBLICATIONS SUBCOMMITTEE - Members of this committee produce the Saint Ann School “Eagle’s Eye” newsletter three times per year. This includes the initial planning of the newsletter content, the writing of articles, gathering photos, designing, editing, communicating with the printer and delivery.

Saint Ann School Advisory Committee 2013-2014

Pastor Fr. Phillip Breen
Principal Dr. Adelaide Nicholson
Assistant Principal Judy Graham
Director of Development Kelly Braniff
Chair Hannah Cassidy
Vice Chair
Home & School Member Daina Moran
Annual Fund Chair Todd & Mary Jo Wiggins
Strategic Planning Nora Krause
Jarrett Braniff
Teresa Fraim
Amanda Bilbrey
Finance Committee Mary Jo Wiggins
Rita Raymer
Fred James
Members-at-Large Michelle Eubanks
Karen Malone
Amanda Roche
Diane McNamara
Philip Best
Marketing Committee Chair Amy Jo Robertson
Advertising/PR Subcommittee Amy Jo Robertson
Chris Veit
Publications Subcommittee Jane Salem
Amanda Roche
Community Involvement Subcommittee Isabel Maxwell
Amy Meiers
Kelly Bruck
Michelle Eubanks
Daina Moran

Advisory Committee Meetings

Upcoming Meetings

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Meeting Minutes

Minutes 12-13.pdf (most recent document)