About Saint Ann School

The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Peer Review Team found Saint Ann School to be outstanding, offering an academically challenging education to its students and a community of faith to all. The school's mission encompasses the growth of the whole child, encouraging the development of confidence, curiosity, compassion and teaching the importance of community involvement. Saint Ann School has a remarkably dedicated faculty and staff who are focused on the needs of the students.


As an educational ministry of Saint Ann Church, Saint Ann School exists to assist in the Christian formation of its children in accordance with Catholic tradition. The mandate of this faith community is to provide quality, innovative education in a nurturing environment, to promote an appreciation of its diversity and a respect for individuals, and to foster a sense of self, crucial for future success. This is a place of both refuge and challenge. It is a place where the Gospel message is heard, lived in praise of God and fulfilled in service to others.


Saint Ann School is a community permeated with the love of Christ and is centered around the sacraments. It is a place where each person’s individuality is celebrated and all are treated with dignity, and a place where children learn to appreciate diversity and value each other.

Academic excellence is anticipated, but recognition of individual needs takes precedence. The school emphasizes positive behavior, as parents and teachers cooperate in preparing children to live their lives in a responsible manner according to the Word of God.